Subconscious Tales – Odyssey/Mindless (Mirabilis)

Latvia’s Subconscious Tales debuts on Mirabilis with two melodic and progressive cuts.

‘Odyssey’ builds a percussive sound, adding in melodic stabs and a groovy bassline, before the first breakdown unveils the shimmering main hook. But the true magic of the track is revealed exactly halfway through, when Subconscious Tales adds in a beautiful chiming countermelody, leading to a cinematic breakdown. Overall, the track reminds me of Guy J’s stunning remix of Bluetech’s ‘Honey in the Heart’, which is no bad thing in my book. Subconscious Tales’s second track on the release, ‘Mindless’, doesn’t boast quite such strong melodies as its sibling, but it builds nicely with subtle motifs, a chunky key-shifting bassline, and balearic pads, while the second half develops some trancey themes which work well with the bass part.

Of the two tracks on offer from Subconscious Tales here, ‘Odyssey’ is definitely the stronger, but both feature some well-developed melodic ideas – check them out!


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