Serge Landar – Quiet Night (Aethereal)

The latest release on Aethereal welcomes Serge Landar to the label for a brand new single.

Serge Lander - Quiet Night (Aethereal)

The Ukrainian producer is making his debut appearance on the Russian label and there is already some nice hype behind the release with both Solid Stone and Tim Penner already showing support on their respective radioshows. Serge’s debut single for Aethereal is entitled ‘Quiet Night’ and includes remixes from CJ Peeton, Mindmusik & Stasik T and Rogier & Stage Van H. 

The release begins with the original mix and finds Serge crafting a light, airy progressive beauty. Beginning with layered beats, waves of white noise and a meandering top end, the track methodically works itself into a more distinctive theme. Sparse vocal elements add a nice flair before the main break commences and a heartfelt theme gets fully explores. It’s a hazy summer vibe and one which flows wonderfully through a smooth third act and gorgeous conclusion. Great debut on the label for Serge.

The three aforementioned remixes all bring something cool to the themes from the original and make for a nice, well rounded release. First up CJ Peeton of Stellar Fountain fame takes things a bit deeper and spacier. The spiralling motifs are an absolute delight, their light and airy nature melds well with serene textures and ultimately leads to the main break. Here a strong piano lead takes centre stage while a set of powerful bass tones builds tension as the groove eventually returns for a gorgeous moment. A great remix from CJ and my favourite on the release.

Next up Mindmusik & Stasik T make their label debut as a duo with Stasik appearing solo on two previous occasions. The frequent studio partners go a touch deeper as well with lovely bass stabs and a gorgeous atmospheric intro. As the melodies get swept away the strength of the groove becomes much more pronounced and makes for some amazing moments all through the first half. As the lush pads and subtle melodies slowly fade back in the main break commences and an otherworldly storyboard of sonic delights takes over. One of the best moments on the release and surely one of Mindmusik and Stasik T’s best remixes to date.

The release concludes with the always reliable Rogier and Stage Van H who bring their own unique vision to ‘Quiet Night’. The elements from the original are perfect for the prolific duo and they’ve crafted a warm, groovy rendition full of great moments. A light tonal theme carries the first act while warm bass swells and sweeping synths bring waves of emotion. Following a well executed break, the duo strip things down a touch and those distinctive stabs really shine, before all the elements reconvene for a gorgeous conclusion. A perfect end to a great release on Aethereal once again. Don’t miss it. 


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