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No question about it – Super Flu are among the world’s leading artists. And it goes without saying that they are also behind the famous label Monaberry, home of artists like Andhim and Bebetta. We talked with Super Flu about the success of their label, upcoming shows, their passion and the past year.

When you decide to dedicate your life to music?

It was not a conscious decision. We always did what we love: do music. After we met here in Halle (Saale/Germany) and did some releases it starts to work. We had some gigs and the possibility to earn some money with it and consequently had more time for music. That was an amazing thing!

Your latest release on monaberry is called Selee EP. With big support from artists like Pete Tong on BBC1. How did the tracks originate in the studio?

All tracks we did originate from playing around with things like synths, thoughts and stuff surrounding us. Playing is the most important thing for us, when it comes to music or other kind of art. That’s our way to get some ideas. And ideas are the base for a track. In the case of Selee we just goofed around with some percussion instruments and got a melody which is the heart of this baby.

This was followed by a Herbert’s Best release with artists such as Armonica, Tim Engelhardt and Luis Junior. How do you choose the tracks? What defines the sound of the label?

The tracks find their way to us on very different paths. Sometimes they are recommendations from friends, sometimes you talk at gigs and get some stuff sent to you afterwards or they are demos that we listen to, play and then find suitable. What all tracks have in common is that they are extensively tested and listened to and finally approved by the whole team. We believe that this process defines the sound and the interplay of the different tastes.

The label seems very familiar and anything but mainstream. You seem to do everything differently and yet have enormous success. Is that your secret?

To convey a familiar feeling is in any case something that we always take up again. Be it in the selection of tracks or artists. We can’t guarantee that it will always be possible in the end, but we will continue to try. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and that is probably the big secret.

What is your major dream for the label?

The big dream for the label is that we can go on as we want, with all our heart and soul and crazy ideas to find new exciting artists and meet people. And that in the end there will be enough left over to continue pressing records and to reward the artists fairly.

Besides the label you are always on the road. What do you still love most on touring and playing?

Yessss. For us it’s the best job you can have! Of course its stressful but you always get back tons of impressions, energy and good vibes. And every time it’s different.

What was your favorite memory during the last months and what are you looking forward to?

The last and this year were full of favorite memories. It´s hard to pick one. But we are looking forward to a concert we´ll play in a planetarium with live piano, electronics and a 8K projection on the ceiling! There is also a remix we did for Claptone and our just released EP on mule musiq. A new Super Flu EP on monaberry is already being planned.

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