Hollen Gives Us Some Perspective On His Future

The Italian burst on the scene in 2008 and since then has released on practically every major techno in the business, as well as founding his own label, ‘Prospect Records’.

Hi Hollen, how did you start Prospect? Is there a story behind the name?

Ciao, the label was born exactly in 2011. I felt the need to have my own platform where I could express some very personal musical concepts. The name “Prospect” means “perspective”, so it’s like looking at the future, musically speaking.

Does your label have a distinct sound and how would describe the label’s vision?

My team and I always try to release music that has a sound that represents us. It is like having our own business card and above all, we offer music that I mainly like to play in my sets around.

We guess you probably receive a lot of demos. What advice would you give anyone looking to get signed on your label and how can people send you their music?

In recent years, the arrival of demos by many producers around the world has increased and this makes us very happy. The advice I can give is to listen to what the label offers and send more tracks so that you have more choice. Sending music to our platform is very simple, just send us the tracks with soundcloud link (downloadable) on our email for the demos.

Who would you count as your core label artists and what’s been Prospect’s biggest selling record? Or which release are you most proud of and why?

Beyond myself (haha) for some years now he has been working with us assiduously on “The Southern” so at the moment I consider him one of the main artists of Prospect. In recent years we have achieved excellent results with different releases. Certainly since last year we have reached quite significant numbers with the remix of “Frankyeffe” of the “Quick Combination” track, my original “Energy Drink” and the most recent EP of “Skober – Heyday”. I’m proud of all the music we release on the label but I’m certainly more satisfied when a track sells and makes more on the music market.

Can you share with us your personal top 5 tracks from the label?

1) Hollen – Energy Drink

2) Skober – Heyday

3) The Southern – Rave On Mars [Wex 10 Remix]

4) Hollen, Raffaele Rizzi – Hyperdrive (Filterheadz Remix)

5) Dangeli – Every

Now Prospect is becoming more recognized and trusted, what are your next goals? And what does the future hold for releases?

We are aiming a lot to grow year by year and we are also expanding in making showcases around. We have so many really special things planned for this year but for now they are still top secret.

We premiered your latest release today. What’s happening in your own personal career and what can fans look forward to?

I have reached a point in my career where I prefer to invest all my strength on myself and on my label so that I can create my own path, my musical and working family. My team is working on different dates and tours around the world beyond Prospect Showcase, I’m focusing a lot on the music part and I have several really strong releases, during the year, that will come out on some big labels.


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