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Tara Brooks & Ido – Desiderata (Moonchild Records)

The latest release on Moonchild Records welcomes Tara Brooks and Ido to the label for their debut single.

Tara Brooks & Ido - Desiderata (Moonchild Records)

Based in Los Angeles, Tara Brooks has become one of North America’s most loved and recognised DJs, having performed at some of the country’s most recognised events such as Burning Man and BPM. Also based in Los Angeles Ido Liran has amassed an impressive discography over the course of his career with releases on Toolroom, Blackhole and InStereo. Now making their much anticipated Moonchild debut Tara and Ido present ‘Desiderata’ alongside remixes from Mobius Strum and Javier Portilla & Sotela. 

The original mix leads the release off and it’s dreamy, mystical atmosphere is immediately compelling. Anchored by a deep, warm groove and wispy motifs it’s a smooth flowing journey from beginning to end. One of many highlights, the main break presents a spoken word vocal which brings a soulful mood to the blissful soundscapes. There’s a great message locked in there and when it’s set against such a spiritual sounding backdrop its all the more profound. Beautiful work from Tara and Ido. 

As many of you may know Moonchild is based in Costa Rica and the two remixers on the project are made up of four of the country’s hottest talents. First up the Mobius Strum duo make their label debut following excellent releases on Akbal, Get Physical and Kindisch. Known for bringing cross cultural influence’s into their productions and particularly sounds from their homeland Mobius Strum take ‘Desiderata’ to a deep, mystical place as well. Although used minimally the vocals get reprocessed making for some nice effects early on. The magic though lies in its hypnotic flow which is so appealing you just want to listen to it on continuous loop for an hour. The vibrant tones are timely, making for moments of brightness along the way and the filtered second act also works like a charm. Gorgeous interpretation from Mobius Strum.

The release concludes with the Moonchild label bosses Javier Portilla & Sotela. It’s been a solid year for the much loved duo with releases on Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and Michael A’s Genesis Music. Production wise they tend to be quite diverse so you never know quite what to expect but it’s clear they put their heart and soul into each and every production which they’ve certainly done again here. The vocals get chopped up and used throughout the first act which just adds to the tracks great cadence. The late night vibes are strong here with a glowing atmospheric backdrop and dubby rhythms anchoring the percussive framework. It all adds up to a gorgeous interpretation and a great complement to the original. A wonderful remix from Javier Portilla & Sotela making for another release full of variety and talent from Moonchild Records. Don’t miss it.


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