Dio S – Asma (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Dio S to the label for his debut EP.

Dio S - Asma (Golden Wings Music)

We last heard from the Greek artist in June with his remix of Geolo Berlange ‘What I feel For You’ on Jacco@Work’s LuPS Records. He’s also been a prolific contributor to Balkan Connection, Movement Recordings and Stellar Fountain. Now making his much anticipated Golden Wings debut Dio S presents his latest two track EP entitled ‘Asma’. 

The title and showcase piece ‘Asma’ finds Dio S going deep and dark with great results. Warm, round beats sit at the foundation while rolling percussion drives the piece as hints of tribal drums accent the framework. A short break introduces a strong melodic motif. Cross-cultural in nature it brings a soulful vibe while additional vocal samples and pads carry nicely into the second break. Here the musical narrative evolves for just a moment before the harmonies get washed away in favour of a stripped back third act and groovy conclusion. Strong stuff from Dio S on this one. 

The companion piece ‘The Alone Hero’ proves equally exciting with its mellow emotive moods. Deeper in design it begins with rugged grooves and tantalising effects but the track slowly transforms into a slice of heartfelt progressive house. Poignant pads, vocal sweeps and processed pianos provide many magic moments throughout the first act. But it’s a short break that brings everything together before a ‘deeper’ sample reignites the groove and the emotive journey reaches new heights. A gorgeous production from Dio S and the perfect way to round out a great EP from Golden Wings Music. Don’t miss it. 


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