Tatsama – Oxidation EP (Suffused Music)

The 159th release on Suffused Music finds Tatsama returning for his debut EP.

Tatsama - Oxidation EP (Suffused Music)

The Indian artist made his first appearance on the Lithuanian imprint in July of 2016 with a contribution to the label’s Initializing, Vol. 10 collection. Additional discography highlights include an appearance on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music and Spain’s Good Stuff Recordings. Now making his second appearance on Suffused Music Tatsama presents his much anticipated ‘Oxidation’ EP.

Noted for his deep progressive sounds, Tatsama looks set for the biggest year of his career and ‘Isthmus’ gets it off to a great start. Mystical textures backed with tough kicks and tribal infused drums bring a spiritual vibe as the journey begins. Organic designs and meditative motifs converge carrying a smooth yet exhilarating first act. Split up into three sub sections the main break flows through a myriad of electric hooks and radiant atmospheres. It’s a heady trip yet one that’s firmly rooted on the dance floor with its chuggy, progressive rhythms carrying you home.

The companion piece ‘Sivanjana’ was one of the standouts from the aforementioned ‘Initializing’ Vol. 10 collection. It’s classic progressive vibe is a nod to the old school with poignant pianos and acid rhythms fuelling the journey. Four short yet timely breaks enhance the narrative with dramatic tension and emotive moments, making for a unique sound story to captivate your mind and move your feet. A superb debut EP for Tatsama on Suffused Music and definitely an artist to keep a close eye on as 2017 moves forward.


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