Techno Producer Flymeon Talks Creative Process and Influences Behind Latest Track ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’

In this behind-the-scenes interview, we talk to Flymeon about his latest track ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’. The French DJ and music producer shares his creative process in producing the song, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, and the specific sound elements that he used to achieve his signature sound. Flymeon also talks about his inspiration for the track, how it differs from his previous works, and how he’d like his audience to feel when they listen to this single.

Read on to get an exclusive glimpse into Flymeon’s musical world.
Hi Flymeon! How are you?  

Never been better!

‘Blood on the Dancefloor’ is out now, can you walk us through your creative process when producing this track? Where did you start, and how did you build the different elements together?

I started with an idea in my mind around the lyrics, with a question/answer pattern, ‘Blood’ as the question – ‘wanna see’ as the answer. It sounded Breakbeat to me, so it was quite obvious then how I would structure the track!

Does the track have a specific musical influence?

Yeah, definitely. I guess you can feel The Prodigy influence in the Breakbeat part, and the vocoder vocals come from my Electro influence, like Boys Noize or Daft Punk.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during the production of this track? How did you overcome them?

It wasn’t easy to make sure that the Breakbeat and Techno parts go well together. I had to create huge filters effect to make sure the arrangement made sense!

How did you choose the specific sound elements that you used in this track, such as the drums, synths, and samples? What inspired those choices?

I wanted to have a final result that was really 90s and Rock-influenced, and also stuck to my signature sound, which is a mix of hard-Acid Techno and Metal. So the sounds I chose kind of came naturally.

What was your favorite part of producing this track? Was there a particular sound or element that you’re especially proud of?

Yeah, I really like the Breakbeat part. I think the arrangement of this part with vocals and drums sounds really great.

How do you feel ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’ differs from your previous works?

There’s more room given to the Breakbeat. Usually, I use Breakbeat only in breakdowns in my tracks, but here it really has a central part.

How did you decide on the track’s arrangement and structure? Did you experiment with different variations before settling on the final version?

No, not really. Everything came naturally.

What message or emotion are you hoping to convey to your audience with your latest release?

Making them want to go wild AF in the club!

Lastly, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases or collaborations? Any exciting projects in the works that you can tease?

There are still 2 tracks to be released as part of my current EP, expect to hear about them in the coming weeks!

That concludes our interview with Flymeon. We want to thank him for sharing his insights on the making of his latest track ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’, and for giving us a glimpse into his creative process. Make sure to check out his upcoming EP ‘Paris Under Control’, which features this track, along with other hard-hitting bangers that showcase Flymeon’s unique sound and style. Follow him on social media to stay updated on his latest projects and performances.

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