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C-U’s underground music industry coverage is brought to you by a team of industry professionals and underground music lovers from across the globe.

We’re visited by up to eighty thousand dance music music fans per month, who trust us to cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is.

And we’re always on the lookout for new feature ideas, interviewers and dance music writers.

You don’t need to have held any previous writing positions before to write for us.

Passion for underground music is a must, as is knowing your stuff.

If you’ve studied our articles and think you could make a positive contribution to C-U, then we’re all ears.
Same goes for if you’ve got any ideas for articles.

Just hit us via the web form below and let us know what you want to write about.

For example: you might want to let us know about #newtalent we should be featuring.

There may be an artist you’ve always wanted to interview but never had the chance to.

Or there could be industry related issues that are really pissing you off that you want to do something about.

Providing you’re clear about your ideas, or what you’d like to do for us, then we’ll aim to get back to you within a couple of days.

And if we don’t – send us another message because we might not be ignoring you, we’re probably just busy 🙂

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