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Founded as a platform to promote emerging talent and labels in 2013, CU has evolved.

We aim to be different, never run of the mill. We bring you different and engaging content. Whether you’re looking to discover the future stars of tomorrow? Want to hear the best new music or the hottest podcasts first? Love reading interviews with your favourite artists? Or participating in polls and quizzes. We aim to be different, never run of the mill.

CU is a place for everyone. No matter if you’re a cunning linguist, bedroom DJ, global headliner or dance floor devotee; we judge people on their talent, not how many social media followers they have.

Talking about music all the time is boring. We know there’s more to life. We uncover the lifestyles of the people you love to dance to. Expect funny stories, travel guides, fashion tips and other random stuff, plus real opinions on hard hitting news stories. 

Get involved in what we do. Do you have a quirky sense of humour? A unique outlook on life? Or a creative passion? We are always looking for new photographers, videographers and writers to join our team. Whether you enjoy making memes, reviewing kit or asking your favourite DJ’s unique questions, there’s a place for you on CU.

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