Various Artists – Nova EP (Slideways Music)

The latest release on Tim Penner’s Slideways Music finds the label presenting a new various artist series.

Various Artists - Nova EP (Slideways Music)

Aptly coined ‘Nova’ the EP series looks to showcase some of the underground’s brightest new talent and future stars. To kick off the first installment Slideways label boss Tim Penner has selected new music from Rory James, Dquila, Biologik, Onez!e and Ian Wright.

The release begins with NYC based producer / DJ Rory James who presents one of his latest studio creations ‘In The Pale Moonlight’. We last heard from Rory over a year ago on the James Gill curated project ‘Proximity Effect’. A mainstay in the New York underground Rory has not only been DJing but also promoting events in the city. That time out and behind the decks always seems to come through in production and it certainly does on ‘In The Pale Moonlight’. Beginning with a driving techy flair the track soon picks up momentum and as warm pads and chuggy rhythms complement the framework a modern day progressive bomb is born. The main break proves to be a high point, with its ethereal haze and calculated build, it brings a good amount of tension but not in an excessive way, it’s on exactly the right plane and sets up an emotive third act perfectly. Brilliant work from Rory and good to see something new from him after more than a year of production silence. 

Next up Slideways welcomes new found Argentine talent Dquila to the label with ‘Sidespin’. This one’s all about hypnotic grooves and shifty atmospherics before a twisty lead synth slowly fades into the piece. Quite electric in design with just a hint of Trisco ‘Muzak’ in there somewhere, it takes the track on a mesmerizing trip. A tasteful break sits nicely as a calming centrepiece before that distinctive lead and tough beats carry the track home. A great first production for Dquilla.

Biologik is up next and contributes the gorgeous, edit heavy ‘Oxide’. The Canadian artist would have to be considered the most well known on the release with an impressive discography including outings on 238W, Proton Music, Mesmeric and Soundteller Records. Showing a little home town love he now makes his Slideways debut in a big way with ‘Oxide’. Anchored by tough kicks the track begins to flow through a storyboard of heavy vocal edits. If you like your music heady and moderately twisted then this is definitely for you. The unpredictability and array of elements is pretty staggering , all chopped and processed for your harmonic delight. A set of lead tones eventually drops in to steal the show as the never ending vocal narrative continues to amaze. Killer stuff from Biologik and great to see Canada very well represented here.

Also hailing from Canada ‘Onez!e’ makes his Slideways debut with ‘Black Totem’. Although relatively young, the Toronto resident also boasts an impressive discography with appearances on 3rd Avenue, Clinique Recordings, Intricate Records and PHW Elements. Known for being on the more melodic side of progressive house Onez!e makes a slight departure here with the darker and appropriately titled ‘Black Totem’. Anchored by rough and rugged bass stabs, Onez!e carves out a pretty amazing groove early on. Waves of synths and crunchy electronics build to a feverous pitch before a wall of white noise sends the track into percussive overdrive. A bright tonal motif carries into the main break and the tension generated is pretty large, the payoff follows suit and a romping conclusion would have to make it the biggest track on the release. Big time stuff from Onez!e. 

The release concludes with Ian Wright making his label debut with ‘The Fall’. The UK based artist is making his production debut here as well it seems and presents a very inspired creation to close the release out. The tempo comes up a touch here with a driving groove and galloping rhythms generating boundless energy. Ethereal overlays and a running narrative of chirpy motifs steal this for me though, it’s quite cosmic but also organic in a way and a well timed break only adds to its emotive powers. The most heartfelt piece on the collection for me and a great way to close it out. Looking forward to hearing more from Ian and add another impressive notch to the Slideways discography as well. Don’t miss it. 


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