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999999999 Exemplify Live Techno in LOVE 4 RAVE EP

An enigmatic new duo by the name of 999999999 are making big waves in the techno scene out of their home country of Italy. Pronounced “nine times nine”, the pair broke into the scene about of three years ago to mass praise from hungry music consumers to reputable DJs alike for their forward-thinking improvised sets and emphasis on free-flowing hardware production. The duo place an emphasis on their live, unplanned performances that leaves little time for studio productions, but they have decided to let fans keep a few prized clips of their work through their limited Nine Times Nine series.

Part two of this series, titled LOVE 4 RAVE, shows 999999999 reimagining rave sounds of old. They’ve kicked up classic acid tones and retro synth riffs from rave’s early days with modernized sound design and unrelenting percussion, shocking the eardrums with a jolt of welcome electricity and timeless sound design. Each track is plenty stimulating, with the title A-side reflecting am almost trancey feel in its arrangement while the other feels like purely classic techno piece reborn. The duo is certainly one to watch, and if you’re in the United States, look out for their debut tour as they prepare for a strong end to 2018.



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