Rambo Unveils Debut EP

Approaching music with an open mind, Rambo is an artist who enjoys piecing together multiple different stylings into satisfying house music with a strong indie flavor. He’s moved with careful precision, spending countless hours in the studio honing his sound and creating a impact with each timely release. Now, he shows the world the full breadth of his musicality with a namesake, seven-piece EP.

Rambo starts off with a seductive vocal cut, courtesy of Jackie Rains. It sets the tone for the EP, with the producer setting in place multiple common motifs like lush drum patterns, psychedelic rock-inspired elements, and grooving basslines all encompassed by a house foundation. Rambo also excels in creating a cohesive, well-thought out journey that increases in energy until reaching the uplifting, disco-laden tones of “909s And Heartbreak,” and the euphoric slice of 80s present in its closer, “Ocean View.” Such a powerful record shows indicates a bright feature in store for the Southern Californian producer.



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