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Alex Niggemann Reveals His Signature Dishes

The German DJ, producer and label boss shares his biggest passions outside music

As a DJ, producer and label boss, Berlin’s Alex Niggemann is blurring any remaining boundaries between house and techno.

Alex Niggemann: Besides music and sports, my biggest passion is food and cooking.

I find when I’ve had a rough day, and maybe something didn’t work as I wanted, and somehow I want to clear my head, that cooking is the perfect way to do that.

Even though doing sport is usually something that helps, sometimes I’m just tired and you want to be home and enjoy time with my loved ones with some good meal.

I love cooking and eating. For several reasons.

– Cooking is more than just putting some eatable things together. It’s a creative and calming process. You are busy with something that you know will make you happy and so you give your best. Because you know when eating it, it will be healing for your soul.

– Also, you enjoy food usually not alone. You are in company with people that you like.

– Cooking is a challenge too. When preparing new dishes, you always learn something.

As I am busy with lots of different and also hectic things during the day, I love coming home and having 30min being focused with something else first that helps me getting distance from what I have done before and let home be home. I cook every day for my family. Although my girlfriend cooks good too, I prefer to do the cooking for the reasons I mentioned above.

My favorite cuisine’s are authentic Japanese, Thai, Middle East and Italian.

My specialties:

Japanese TanTan Ramen Soup, Pho, Thai Minced beef salad, Guacamole and all kinds of Italian dishes.

Alex Niggemann’s next release is forthcoming on his own label Aeon with remixes by Pional and Rigopolar. Titled “Electric Mariachi” it can be purchased from HERE


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