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Joseph Edmund Tells Us The Story Behind His Hot Creations Debut

Dreams To Reality Is Out Now On Hot Creations

Joseph Edmund is a hotly tipped UK artist who recently dropped his debut release on the iconic Hot Creations.

Having also featured on other high-flying imprints such as Saved Records and Elrow Music, it’s clear that Joseph has an exciting career ahead of him, so we caught up with this rising star to discuss his Hot Creations debut along with other forthcoming projects…

Hi Joseph, please can you start by telling us about your music style?  

I think my music style is quite diverse. From funky and quirky to heavy and rolling. It just depends on what I’m feeling like that day and that goes for when I’m DJing and also in the studio…

We are big fans of your new EP on Hot Creations, could you talk us through the release? 

Thank you! Its been received so well… For the A-side Norrr, I found the vocal and then that hook really stood out to me and I knew I wanted to create a big breakdown, which created a lot of atmosphere around the hook… then kept the drop really clean so it hits hard! The B side Fuego is more about the funky 303 bassline and percussion. I think these records are perfect for my first Hot Creations release.

I presume releasing on a label like Hot Creations must have been a proud moment, so it would be great to hear the story of how the tracks got signed? 

Literally the dream from day one, that’s why I called the EP “Dreams to Reality”. I sent Jamie the tracks just before Hideout festival and he got back to me really quick saying he liked a few and would get back to me soon, then within a few days, I saw him playing Norrr and Fuego at all his gigs. It was unreal seeing him constantly supporting them. After about a week or so I got the email about signing them to Hot Creations, I still remember the morning. I was hungover and the email gave me a new lease of life, haha!

What other labels have you worked with, and is there a Hot Creations follow up already planned?

I have worked with Hottrax, Viva Music, Elrow, Sola, Rawthentic to name a few… I do have a big follow up release coming out early 2020, which I am really excited about.. it has been constantly supported over the summer by Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers and Loco Dice! But that is all I can say for now!

What’s next in your schedule, have you been getting lots of gig offers now you are on the Hot Creations roster?

Yes, definitely there has been a lot more offers and interest since I have announced the HC EP which is great because that’s the reason I started to make music in the first place, so seeing that manifest after the hard work in the studio is a big booster. Next in my schedule which i can’t wait for is playing The Warehouse Project for Elrow… coming from Manchester and going there as a raver for the past 6 years it is a big deal for me and I can’t wait to play the new venue, it’s 10/10!

Is there anything else you would like to let our readers know about?

Just to keep up to date with my upcoming music and gigs really, I’ll be posting regularly on my socials what’s happening with gigs and upcoming music… and thank you for all the continued support, I really do appreciate it!

You can pick up a copy of Joseph Edmund’s “Dreams To Reality” EP on Hot Creations EP from HERE


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