Andre Sobota – Signal (BC Edition) [Balkan Connection]

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds the label re-visiting it’s much loved ‘BC Editions’ series.

Andre Sobota - Signal BC Edition (Balkan Connection)

For this instalment they once again choose a beauty from the Proton Music catalog in Andre Sobota’s ‘Signal’. Originally released in November of 2014 the label deemed the track so strong it was in fact just a single track release. It eventually went on to be remixed by Tim Penner, Santiago Garcia, DNYO and Verve on two separate packages in 2016. Now we see Balkan Connection calling upon Nicholas Van Orton and Vlada D’Shake to re-invent the track for the summer of 2016.

First up Balkan Connection South America boss Nicholas Van Orton makes his 65th appearance on the label and brings his groovy magic to ‘Signal’. Like all Andre Sobota productions this one had amazing elements to work with and Nicholas has presented them is a subtler more indistinct manner. It’s slow building, methodical nature is quite appealing, under a warm, fluid groove each successive loop seems to add a layer of momentum. Ethereal synths and spacey designs make for a lovely top end as Nicholas builds his trademark percussive waves through the framework. The magic comes during the second break where layers of gated vocals and pads lift the piece to seemingly unreachable heights. It’s a great moment and sets up a stellar finale perfectly. Gorgeous remix from Nicholas.

Closing the release out is Vlada D’Shake who is making his 11th appearance on the label. The Serbian artist and long time Cid Inc. favourite has been quiet since his ‘Dub Tribe’ EP was released on LuPS Records in April of this year. Vlada has been one of the underground’s hidden gems for quite some time. Unique design profiles and a sparse release schedule has just made new productions all the more anticipated and his interpretation of Andre has come at exactly the right time. Remixing someone as accomplished as Andre is a pretty daunting task but Vlada’s unique production quirks work amazingly well here. Again a wealth of intricate designs, cool patterns and esoteric vocal elements appease the senses quite nicely. A sombre break sits at the tracks centrepiece, eventually progressing into a moment of divine beauty and the drop is the icing on the cake with all of Vlada’s bassy quirks leading the way home. Brilliant remix and one of the Serbian’s all time best I’d say. Another standout notch in Balkan Connection’s ‘Edition’ series that’s not to be missed.


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