Mexican label “We are Here Music” step up another gear with their new release from Balcazar. 

Balcazar Heart Wide Open we are here music

I find a lot of releases from Mexico and South America have their own unique sound, which is quite deep and dark. This package of four mixes follows suit.

Up first is “Heart Wide Open (Original Mix)” which kicks of the mood of EP with reverberated drums and a quickly introduced filtered chord. The bassline gives the track a theme of progressive mixed with deep house. Nice transient breaks and melodic chords pull you into hypnotic state, whilst the drums retain a nice groove feel.

Next we have “Heart Wide Open” (Miguel Puente Remix)”. I’m not overly familiar with “Miguel Puente” work but he’s certainly a name from “mexico “that seems to be increasing rising within the scene. His mix starts off a bit harder than the previous with a dark synth stab and prominent kick drum. You have some rising spooky paddy elements and other fx that makes it quite hypnotic. Choppy bassline parts drive the track along in non linear fashion, whilst transient but intricate incidental parts are introduced. It’s a different slant on style compared to the original whilst maintaining a deep hypnotic feel

“Hoist Point” (original) is the third track the EP and pulls is more progressive. It features a quick drum / bassline start with varying Fx and atmospheric sounds panning around. There’s acid sounds and incidental synth lines, which remind me of sounds used in the theme tune to the “X Files” or “DR Who”. Top line synths make it a bit funkier whilst additional rising trance lines build in and out. It’s quality hypnotic stuff with a nice rounded sonic edge.

Finally we have “Hoist Point” (Issac remix). If you follow “We Are Here Music” Issac is a name you will be familiar with.He kicks his mix off at a higher tempo and growly undertone this mix instantly gives you a feel that it’s more peaktime. It retains the deep mood of the original but with more percussion and energy. The main feature of this mix seems to be padded sounds which are quite continuous throughout.

Blue Amazon verdict: A great deep building transient Ep with some quality reworks from a label that it supported by DJs around the globe 7.5/10

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  • Blue Amazon

    Lee Softley aka Blue Amazon is a name that has been associated with quality over the years, releasing a number of classic tracks including “No Other Love” and “The Javelin Album”. Lee has remixed Sasha, Skunk Anansie, New Order, Madonna plus more recently released on Pro B Tech Records, Kling Klong Records (Germany) plus his own label se-lek Musik. He’s toured globally, playing alongside legends like Sasha, Digweed, Paul Van Dyk Arjun Vagale, Darren Emerson and Dave Seaman.

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