Bedrock 100 – ‘Tracer’ Review: It’s An Absolute Monster!

Bedrock gets ready celebrate its 100th digital label single release with ‘Tracer’, the second single from Emerson, Digweed & Muir.

Three of the scene’s most respected creative mavericks join forces yet again to devastating effect!

John Digweed, Nick Muir and Darren Emerson have been involved in many pivotal moments in the world of club music over the years and have helped to define genres & push boundaries further.

Digweed and Muir’s partnership is commonly regarded as one of electronic music’s most exciting pairings, with their quality output over the years catapulting their reputations far beyond dance music’s hall of legends.

The prospect of 3 dance music titans joining together again to celebrate Bedrock’s centennial release suggests that Tracer has the potential to become a classic. We’ve listened to all the mixes several times and are happy to confirm that Bedrock 100 is an absolute triumph. The lead riff is both memorable and distinctive, with all mixes holding their own. For us, Darren Emerson’s (Womb Remix) is a peak time dance floor destroyer and wins the day for us.

Tracer’s riff almost etches itself in to your brain and we believe the track has the potential to be remixed further later on down the line.

Any label that can not just survive, but flourish in today’s scene deserves to be applauded. The global respect and adoration that John Digweed’s Bedrock has steadily gained through years is testament to the label staying true it’s values of only releasing quality music. Here’s to the next 100 releases!


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