Biologik – Sleepless (Mesmeric) featuring remixes from: Luke Chable

The 27th release and first of 2013 on Mesmeric Records sees the debut of Biologik to the label. Eric Liberda aka Biologik grew up in Montreal, Canada and after some time spent in New York now calls Toronto, Canada home. He is most well known for his timeless, highly emotional and atmospheric progressive house compositions that has been featured on Proton, OLD SQL. Stellar Fountain and Olaris. Here he makes his debut on Mesmeric with his newest single entitled ‘Sleepless’ which comes with a big remix from Luke Chable.

The original mix leads the release off with a slowly rising atmospheric vibe that’s full of drifting vocal pads and cool electronics. A short drop introduces the beginning of the full vocal parts which are silky smooth and full of soul. Processed pianos accent the vocals perfectly and as the main portion of the record approaches the vocal really intensifies as do the atmospheric surroundings. The result is totally epic but in the most elegant way imaginable. Amazing work from Biologik!

The lone remix is supplied by Luke Chable who is returning to Mesmeric for his 11th overall appearance. The Aussie producer has just come off an outstanding mix compilation for Miss Nine’s 925 Digital label not to mention his last EP (with Danny Bonnici) for Mesmeric entitled ‘Amethyst’ which included some of 2012’s biggest progressive house tracks. Luke’s ‘Electric Boogaloo’ interpretation of ‘Sleepless’ carries much of the same warmth of the original but with an even lusher and more dramatic vibe. Luke’s uses the vocals sparingly but to great effect over the wispy, atmospheric backdrop. A gorgeously futuristic sounding lead is dropped in during the breakdown which ups the emotional content of the mix even more and carries the track through to a tastefully euphoric climax. Both cuts here are outstanding and it’s great to see Biologik on Mesmeric as we’ve long felt that he was one of the most underappreciated producers in progressive house. ReleasePromo Hype Chart Top 25


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