Blue Cell – Omegain (Stellar Fountain)

Stellar Fountain continues a strong run with a new single from Blue Cell this week.

Blue Cell - Omegain (Stellar Fountain)

The label’s last release from Kay-D is currently at #7 in Beatport’s Progressive House chart and their latest looks set for a similar fate with great remixes from Ewan Rill and Monojoke. 

The German duo Bluecell last appeared on the Hungarian imprint with their ‘Nachtschwaermer’ single from September of this year. Now we see them go into the darker realms of techno with ‘Omegain’ which might sit as their all time best production. Trippy motifs and haunting atmospheres are the order of the day here, all backed by a grinding, electric groove. There’s something mildly cross-cultural in the lead themes which is really compelling and the gaseous, granular sweeps take you to another space. It’s a long journey at nearly 10 minutes but the elements are interesting enough that it’s pulled off with relative ease. 

The two remixes differ quite a lot which is a great thing. First up Ewan Rill makes his 16th appearance on the label following a remix for PHW Elements three weeks ago. The Russian artist has been walking a fine line between genres this year and here we see him with a funky, tech house inspired take. What’s great is it’s perfect for a dance floor whereas the original was more of a heady, listening experience. Ewan’s great at taking elements and chopping, slicing and dicing them into really cool hooks and that’s exactly what he’s done here. A definite dance floor bomb.

The release concludes with Monojoke making his eighth appearance on the label. The Guy J favourite remains one of the purest progressive artists in the underground where his melodic creations are loved by all. He proves that once again with a gorgeous rework of ‘Omegain’. The Polish artist’s bouncy, energetic grooves always convey positive vibes and the melodic content here is nothing short of goosebump worthy. Amazing music from Monojoke and another well rounded release from Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.


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