Review: BOg Makes A Triumphant Return To Bedrock

PFG’s Neale Moore Shares Why


It’s been a long wait for BOg, the creative Paris based, Romanian DJ, to return to Digweed’s much heralded label. Not that he’s been hiding under a rock, he’s continuing to construct unique musical trends, push boundaries and the evidence of that is clear here. This new EP serves to underline those processes and Corso gets underway with a simple yet effective prog groove. There are deft touches of hi-hats and imaginative effects that framework the track, nothing overdone which is why it works so nicely.

Juno 99 continues along those same lines, a slower yet more melodic affair. It’s classic Bedrock material replete with a deadly bassline hook. No huge highs and lows as such, a constant level flow of tough rhythm.

John and Nick’s take on Corso sees them wheel out the heavy artillery and target peak time action. Extensive echo, layered synth snaps and bulky drums all padlock the clubbers feet firmly onto the dance floor until an atypical Bedrock, grin inducing drop of Everest proportions snaps you out of the funk for a brief respite. It’s that unique energy only this production team can give you and what makes this EP essential for your collection.


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