Cid Inc Leaves His Fortress With A Bagful Of Beats As Citadel Rises High


Cid Inc, along with other Northern European contemporaries such as Molosh, has honed his sound into a tougher stripped down version of progressive house and this new release on replug is another example of how it’s done properly!

Rescue Me begins ominously, all powerful rhythm tracks and bubbly sub bass. As it builds into its mid section peak, the synths and sirens take the listener to a feeling of safety and security…. but not for long, I’m pleased to write, those fierce beats resume swiftly and abruptly locking the listener in with ease.

Citadel follows a similar pattern of bouncy tough beats yet replaces the sirens with what sounds like 90s rave stabs and a very old school sounding break pattern in the background. This is a great touch too as we progress into the track, Cid leaves us with a skyscraper riff, glorious chords and filtered pads before easing back into its stride.

I anticipate this is going to be HUGE these next few weeks, as is most of what Cid Inc produces. This EP is a real grower, highly recommended.


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