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BOg – Rewired (Bedrock)

Bedrock are back with a dazzling EP from Paris-based producer and label-veteran BOg.

‘Rewired’ serves up a cool, sleek progressive chug, before BOg gradually layers on catchy but hypnotic melody lines, leading to the emergence of the track’s central hook during the breakdown. The second half is a little more intense, with some darker and trippier sounds looming, but wisely BOg never lets them come close to overwhelming the track’s melodic core – this is delightful and irresistible from start to finish. It takes longer to make an impression, but BOg’s second track, ‘The Other Side of the River’, is even better. It starts off murky, techy, and percussive, with submerged pads and submarine pings creating a deep, aquatic atmosphere, before the main theme starts to wash gently over the track. But it’s only in the third minute of the track, when bright stabs begin to carry BOg’s central melodic ideas, that we get a sense of just how spacious and uplifting the track will be, and the subtle, chiming countermelodies that creep in during the final breakdown only add further texture and charm. Finally, ‘Heartless City’ sees BOg shift gears for a short but moody and richly orchestrated piece of chiming after-hours bliss.

Bedrock never misses an opportunity to remind us why their name is such a byword for quality, and this excellent EP from BOg is no exception.


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