BP & Steve Slight – Access Too (ICONYC)

The latest release on John Johnson’s ICONYC finds the label revisiting BP & Steve Slight’s ‘Access Too’.

BP & Steve Slight - Access To (ICONYC)

Originally released in December of last year on the ‘Linear Structures 3’ compilation the track closed the release (and mix) out with its melancholic melodies and subtle chords. Now just under a year later we see ICONYC showcasing the track with its official single release alongside remixes from Namatjira, David Safado and Third Personality. 

2016 has been the best year on record for Namatjira. The Dutch artist appeared on the Anjunadeep ‘Ibiza’ collection with his ‘Surya’ production and also remixed Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Never Say Never.’ Now making his first appearance on ICONYC Namatjira takes ‘Access Too’ into deeper, percussive yet equally melodic territory. The main theme translates well and with the Dutch artist’s attention to detail at a premium it comes off much more modern and refined. A dreamy break proves to be the perfect centrepiece with luminous textures and electric lines foreshadowing a brilliant conclusion. Great remix from Namatjira.

Up next David Safado makes his second appearance on the label following a remix of Leo Delgado’s ‘Meteor Shower’ from May of this year. The German artist has brought a more modern approach with a tightly constructed groove and unique transitions. The vocal elements breathe a nostalgic air while electric synths cut through the atmosphere, particularly during the near two minute main break. There’s a brooding undertone which plays really well off the organic drums and buzzing atmosphere, ultimately making for a gorgeous third act finale. Brilliant remix from David and surely the best of his young career.

Closing the release out is Third Personality who returns to the label following a remix from September of this year. The alias has been working well for the Bulgarian artist otherwise known as Andrez having releases on BCSA, Stellar Fountain and Suffused Music. Here he brings a tough, driving sensibility to ‘Access Too’ with amazing results. It’s boundless energy can’t be overstated and will no doubt work wonders on the dance floor. One of the main motifs gets teased in during the break but ultimately this excels on its simplicity and power. Big remix from Third Personality which rounds out a superb offering on John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint once again. Don’t miss it.


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