From a country rich in musical heritage, Buenos Aires resident, Brian Gros takes centre stage on our  brand new underground house imprint, RLS.

As a relative newcomer to the EDM scene, Brian has hit the ground running. With works already signed to Richie Hawtin’s Minus12 imprint, Brian’s desire to be “innovative…with sounds and sampled voices” has clearly come to fruition after a period of maturation since 2009.

A trio of tracks combine to produce the “I Can Break It” EP. The opener, “Particula” perfectly illustrates Gros’ passion for ambient sounds and samples. A strong tech kick-drum opens, followed by a rat-a-tat snare that filters into place within the sonic collage combined with a melodic clave refrain. It’s not then long before melting, pitch bent textures and vocal cut, weave their way in and out of the rhythm section before a held lead-line pulses its way towards an impressive conclusion.

“10 Minutos” has a slightly darker, more mechanical edge than its EP predecessor. Once again a clave riff is predominant and skips playfully across the stereo spectrum. Ticking, metronomic hi-hats complete the rhythmic picture as pulsating echoes of ambient, pitched textures and white noise effects, conjure up images of a steam valve release. A deep, menacing bass line to accompany a strong 4/4 kick complete the picture.

The title track, “I Can Break It” is, once again, full of the trademark characteristics that mark Brian Gros’ attention to detail in his production work. Subtle rhythmic features interplay seamlessly with a hypnotic vocal loop and recurring melodic claves that permeate their way into the listener’s subconscious, while a dynamic rhythm section driven by rolling snares and hi-hats keep the energy high.

Brian Gros’ label debut on RLS is a superb aural experience. The Argentinean’s passion for textured sound and vocal loops are in full evidence throughout the 3-track EP. It would be unfair to single out one stand out track here as all three contribute something different to create a unique picture from a man who appears to have a very bright future and every chance of ‘breaking’ through.


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