Contribute Translation – Fax (Hydrogen)

The latest release on John Johnson’s Hydrogen imprint welcomes Contribute Translation to the label for his debut single.

Contribute Translation - Fax (Hydrogen)

The ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.) sub label has been on roll this summer with a recent release from Greek star Simos Tagias being one of many highlights. Now going a bit deeper into the underground Contribute Translation presents ‘Fax’ alongside remixes from Sebastian Busto and Daniel Glover. 

Being Contribute Translation’s first solo production ‘Fax’ is quite extraordinary. From its growling underbelly to intricate electronic layers there’s a lot to like early on. Unique vocal elements and hopeful pads elevate the mood a lot and there’s several goosebump worthy moments as the break approaches. A more distinctive theme presents itself during the tracks centrepiece, not unlike the pixie vibes from the progressive house glory days. It’s quite lovely and carries through into a third act of even greater emotive proportions with soaring synths and smooth chord changes taking you home. 

First up on the remixes Sebastian Busto makes his debut on the label following a strong EP for Golden Wings Music. The Argentinean artist is one of his country’s most promising talents and shows why with a great rendition of ‘Fax’. With a groovier approach Sebastian has delivered a great complement to the original and should be one both old and new school fans fall in love with. It’s vibrant melodies and chunky groove make for a great first act before a long epic break steals the show with kaleidoscopic lines and a hands in the air worthy drop. Excellent remix from Sebastian.

Closing the release out is Daniel Glover who is making his second appearance on the label. The UK artist first appeared on the US imprint in May of this year with his ‘Element Of The Sublime’ single. Most recently Daniel contributed his ‘Time To Shine’ to Soundteller’s ‘Summer Sampler 2016’ collection released just last week. Here he closes the release out with a great interpretation of ‘Fax’ taking the track further into atmospheric territory. The main themes are well maintained but wispy textures make for a much dreamier environment, particularly during the break and on through a blissful conclusion. Lovely work from Daniel and a great melodic release from John Johnson’s Hydrogen imprint. Don’t miss it.


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