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What’s In Your Box: Esensides

With Esensides’ ‘Drift Away’ EP out this week on Juicebox Music, we take a look at their favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Jos & Eli – A Sign of Salvation (Original Mix) [Parquet]

When Jos & Eli decide to go deeper in their productions, yep we love them more and since last year it happens more often. “A sign of salvation” represents a wonderful deep vibe that along with its melody that spreads out through the journey of the track, definitely makes you wanna be a non-stop dancer.”

2. Township Rebellion – Charlotte (Original Mix) [Still Vor Talent]

“Township Rebellion is a project that has no genre boundaries in their productions. This time with “Charlotte” decided to take the deeper underground way, combining all of their different tastes in sound and the outcome is awesome. In simple words, in this track you don’t expect what is coming next and this surprising flow is magical.”

3. Mind Against – Gravity (Original Mix) [Afterlife]

“Mind Against, a creative duo. Through these 5 years of their existence, have shown that they definitely deserve what they have already achieved & we are very happy, that there is so much love and passion from the people out there, for this kind of melodic sounds. “Gravity”, coming from their recent releases, can easily tell us, that all the mentioned above, are totally on point.”

4. Nick Devon feat. Miroir – Pallas (Original Mix) [Steyoyoke]

“When it comes to melodic techno, we believe that Nick is the best producer here in Greece and the best thing is that his work is recognized worldwide.”

5. Fernando Olaya – The Cube (Original Mix) [Movement]

“An almost 10 minute length track that makes you lose track of time. Not something easy to achieve. With these sweet melodies, feels like falling in love with this project.”

6. Black 8 – Before the rising dawn (Original Mix) [Hope]

“Wonderful atmosphere here by Black 8, when mixed at the proper time & place, adds an elegant late night feeling in the dj set.”

7. MUUI – Amelie (Original Mix) [microCastle]

“Amelie is a proof that a track doesn’t need to be so complicated in order to have the proper result. If you have the right sounds and you treat them with the right way, this simplicity can turn into something wonderful. Not an easy attempt though & that’s the beauty of this project.”

8. Esensides – Drift away (Both Original & Li-Polymer Remix) [Juicebox]

“Yeap, it’s ourselves here. After 1 year in production as Esensides, that was the 1st track of ours we listened live in a club, played by Hernan Cattaneo. The whole feeling you experience when you listen something you produced live, while people dance to it, is amazing. Li-Polymer’s touch on the original is also something we love too.”

9. Navar – Ave Mea (Stas Drive Remix) [Proton]

“Everything Stas Drive does, earns easily our attention. When his name appears on a track we know just from the beginning that we are going to get what we want.”

10. ATAPY – Redub (Luis Leon’s Late Night Edition) [Chapter 24 Records]

“Great use of drums and especially of the percussions in this track.”

‘Drift Away’ is out now on Juicebox Music, you can purchase the release: here


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