Criss Source – Lost EP (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Criss Source to the label for his debut EP.

Criss Source - Lost EP

Hailing from Germany with nearly two decades in the electronic music underground Criss’ music has been showcased on Parquet Recordings, Sprout, Circle Music and Tronic. He has never subscribed to the volume based approach that many artists take nowadays, conversely putting the focus on perfecting his craft and making each release a memorable one which will stand the test of time. Now after a near two year hiatus we see Criss making his much anticipated debut on Balkan Connection with a three track EP entitled ‘Lost’.

The release begins with its title and showcase piece ‘Lost’ which finds Criss going tough and techno inspired with great results. Anchored by titanium coated kicks and undulating bass stabs the strength of its foundation is apparent early on. As the galloping groove picks up momentum a melodious theme begins to take shape and lifts the track closer to the heavens. Trailing effects lead the piece through a stripped down second act before the electric clap pierces the air once more. It’s the beginning of a gripping finale where sweeping synth swells and cutting edge electronics take you home. A great start to the EP.

The EP’s second selection ‘Baldeney’ comes with a deeper sensibility which sits as a wonderful complement to the bigger ‘Lost’. Electric bass stabs and a never-ending trail of vocal transmissions sit at the track’s core while waves of percussion fuel it’s hypnotic vibe. At the centrepiece lies a one minute stripped down section where a modular storyboard builds tension through sheets of noise, before getting washed away in one magic moment that’s sure to have the full attention of your dance floor.

Closing the release out is ‘Trancentral’ which showcases Criss’ amazing groove carving skills once again. It’s chuggy foundation is a progressive lover’s dream but it’s tough sensibility and razor sharp production crosses in techno territory as well. Ominous overtones quickly adore the framework and lead the piece into a second act where melodious bass swells push the emotive envelope. It’s a magical moment and a perfect way to conclude the release. A welcome return for Criss Source, and another excellent release from Balkan Connection which you’re bound to be hearing a lot over the coming months. Don’t miss it.


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