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Dave Seaman – Right Side of Wrong (Sudbeat)

Legendary DJ, producer, and label-guru Dave Seaman is back on Sudbeat with ‘Right Side of Wrong’, backed by an oh-so-right remix from Guy Mantzur and Lonya.

‘Right Side of Wrong is as chunky as you’d expect, given Dave Seaman’s other recent releases, with a rumbling bassline immediately sparring with menacing growls. However, there’s also a deeply hypnotic streak that emerges during the short first breakdown, and which runs through the trippy, psychedelic hook that soon takes centre stage, making the track a near perfect blend of main room techno and mesmerizing trancey sounds.

As you might expect, Guy Mantzur and Lonya give the track a deep but energetic progressive makeover, which builds slowly but surely with a minimal yet powerful bassline, teasing hints of Dave Seaman’s main hook, and urgent percussion and effects. The melodies begin to creep in soon after the 3-minute mark, inducing some euphoria as the track heads into a sweet and dreamy breakdown. The bass lands some serious body-blows as the track picks back up, and it’s not long before those melodies are allowed to shine one more time. Dave Seaman’s last outing on Sudbeat (with Guy Mantzur) boasted an unforgettable remix from Solee; I suspect this one is going to have the same longevity.

This is a fantastic release from Sudbeat, with a strong original from Dave Seaman and a top remix from Guy Mantzur and Lonya – highly recommended! 8.5/10


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