Diego Berrondo – Destiny (Varona Label)

The latest release on Luis Kiverling’s Varona imprint welcomes Diego Berrondo back to the label for his debut single.

Diego Berrondo - Destiny (Varona Label)

The Argentinean artist last appeared on the label with a remix of Dar & Dor ‘ Shploopa’ which was released earlier this month to rave reviews. Now making his return Diego presents ‘Destiny’ alongside a huge set of remixes from Luis Kiverling, Aman Anand, Kamilo Sanclemente and Nicolas Petracca.

The Original mix kicks the release off in style with a smooth progressive groove complemented by luminous tones and long sweeps. Firing percussion builds a great hypnotic flow before the track breaks down into a more gaseous atmospheric state. It’s all about the vibe through the middle section and it’s strong rhythmic flow is where the charm lies. Already played by Hernan Cattaneo on Resident Episode 280 and now also supported by John Digweed you know it’s one not to miss.

There are a huge number of remixes here and all parties involved bring some of their best work. First up label boss Luis Kiverling brings a rugged progressive minded sensibility with razor sharp stabs and a subterranean groove. The low end reminds of the old Natious productions that Sasha was such a fan of in the late nineties and the squelchy synths are positively electric. Massive remix from Luis.

Next we have Aman Anand making his label debut and showcasing why he’s one of the underground’s most underappreciated talents. With a deeper and more techno inspired framework Aman works a gorgeous hypnotic motif through the first act while bassy rumblings and soft atmospheric overlays tantalize the senses. Always one to keep things in check Aman avoids going big and builds dramatic tension through timely breaks and acid like lines. Killer remix from Aman and definitely one for the true progressive house connoisseur.

We continue with one of Colombia’s hottest talents in Kamilo Sanclemente also making his label debut. His appearances on Stellar Fountain and Sonnet Speciale have been sensational and he delivers a gorgeous interpretation of ‘Destiny’ here. Again opting for a progressive approach Kamilo takes the first act into hypnotic territory before an acid line slowly creeps into the groove along with the distinctive tones from the original. It’s unrelenting drive is incredible and leads to a break full of glassy keys, sweeping melodies and a lone buzzing acid line for one of the releases most emotive moments. Great remix from Kamilo.

Closing the release out is another one Argentina’s most promising talents in Nicolas Petracca. A recent release on Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint has been a 2016 highlight and his remix here is sure to please all the old school diehards. Generally we see Nicolas go quite melodic on his original work but he’s opted for a dubby and slightly trippier approach here. The main break does have its moment of serene beauty though and timely they are, setting up a heady third act which closes the release out on a strong note. A big offering from Luis Kiverling’s Varona imprint once again with both John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo supporting. Don’t miss it.


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