Distant Fragment – Step In (Clinique Recordings)

The latest release on Clinique Recordings finds the label showcasing a new EP from Distant Fragment.

Distant Fragment - Step In (Clinique Recordings)

The Greek artist is making his debut on the Russian imprint following several successful releases on Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree in 2016. It’s been seven long months without new music for Distant Fragment so this is certainly a welcome return for his fans.

The release gets underway with ‘Exit Light’ and shows the Greek artist’s studio versatility once again. Although primarily known as a progressive house artist this comes in quite techno inspired and a touch nostalgic. It’s stripped framework breathes nicely with chugging rhythms and metallic designs surrounding the punchy groove. The hypnotic flow is perhaps it’s strongest suit, carrying nicely into the break and blinding tension throughout before a wave of atmosphere shifts the mood into a brooding third act finale.

The companion and also title piece ‘Step In’ is decidedly more melodic and progressive inspired. It’s bouncy groove and vibrant melodies seem perfectly dialed for the summer season while it’s a playful cadence keeps it light, airy and ideal for the dance floor. The main break is quite timeless sounding with a slow but calculated musical build, leading to a tasteful drop where the seaside vibes become even more powerful. Two diverse and nicely produced tracks from Distrant Fragment making for a great debut on Clinique Recordings. Don’t miss it.


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