Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland – Run Away Part 2 (Suffused Music)

The 135th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Dynamic Illusion’s ‘Run Away EP’.

Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland - Run Away Part 2

Released in November of 2015 the four track offering showcased the Hungarian artists pendant for all things deep and progressive, along with the title selection, a gorgeous vocal cut in collaboration with Kelly Noland. Now as we enter the warm summer months Suffused Music presents new interpretations of ‘Run Away’ courtesy of Gary J. Brown aka GBrown, Sean McClellan and KIDD Corp.

The release begins with GBrown returning to Suffused Music for his second appearance following a contribution to the labels Initializing Vol. 9 collection in April. Based in New Orleans, USA Gary has been exploring deeper shades of house and techno for the better part of the last 5 years. Returning to Suffused Music he takes ‘Run Away’ and reshapes it into a dark progressive minded production aimed squarely at the dance floor. Beginning with tough beats, growling synths and reprocessed vocals it doesn’t take long before you’re fully engaged in this one. Rugged stabs and razor sharp designs cut through the atmosphere while a trail of vocals add a sense of despair as the main break commences. Sparse and calculated, the tracks centrepiece continues the dark narrative with sonically mulched vocals once again taking centre stage and ultimately setting up an epic finale. A cutting edge interpretation from GBrown and one the progressive underground is sure to enjoy.

The second interpretation of ‘Run Away’ is provided by Sean McClellan who is making his eighth appearance on Suffused Music. The US artist’s history in electronic music has been well documented with appearances on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records and the long standing Baroque imprint being highlights. His timeless approach is a welcome addition to any project and he’s turned in an exceptional interpretation of ‘Run Away’. Keeping the mysterious tone of the original well intact Sean works rugged synths and vocal snips throughout the first act before smooth chord changes up the emotional content. A pair of synth overlays converge for a blissful moment, tastefully done it seals a strong third act and the tracks overall brilliance as a result. Wonderful remix from Sean.

The release concludes with KIDD Corp making their label debut. This newly formed quartet includes Gabor Darnoci, Daniel Gyarmati (aka. Dynamic Illusion), Krisztian Kovacs and Imre Szegedi who have come together to cultivate the real values of the progressive legacy and future from a wholehearted perspective. They close the release out with a chillout interpretation of ‘Run Away’. Led by broken beats and sultry rhythms, Kelly’s vocal shines amidst a delicate and heartfelt storyboard which leaves you wanting to hear more from this new found production team. A fabulous end to a top notch remix pack from Suffused Music. Don’t miss it.


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