#essentialprogressive Tracks Coming Soon

#essentialprogressive is a brand new weekly guide featuring the best up and coming progressive house tracks from across the industry.

Kiani & His Legion – Oval Flight (Something Happening Somewhere) out May 12th.

Martin Swift – Decadence (Blindfold Recordings) Out May 12th

Rapossa – Water (T U S H music) Out May 15th

Coffee Clouds – Andhim Remix (Moon Harbour Records) Out May 19th

Somersault – Disphotic (Bassic Records) May 22nd

Kolsch – Push (Kompakt) Out May 26th

Flowers And Sea Creatures – Blades Nocturne (Selador) Out May 29th

Florian Kruse – Homebound – (Selador) Out May 29th

Quivver, Funk D’Void Dual Slate (Selador) Out May 29th

#essentialprogressive you may have missed

Cioz – Good News (Monaberry) Out 28th April

Marianna Nasa & Manatee – Power (feat. Marianna Nasa) Percomania out May 1st

Chris Llopis – Clove (Motek Music) Out May 5th

D-Nox, Victor Ruiz – Infinite (Sudbeat) Out May 8th

Savvas – Tales of Time (Bad Pony Records) Out May 8th

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