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Kimball Collins was considered by Jimmy Van M to be one of the founding fathers of the early progressive scene in Florida. With Kimball having new music out now on Making You Dance Records, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box.

1) Frank Butters presents: Cult of Glamour – Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall Instrumental) (Me Me Me)

Frank Butters presents: Cult of Glamour, the fifth release from one of my favourite up and coming labels Me Me Me run by Man Power featuring the single ‘Make It Right’ with Lord Sabre Andrew Weatherall vocal and instrumental remixes being my personal pick but the Ess O Ess mix is equally worth a listen (release date 05.12.17)

2) 2Raumwohnung – Somebody Lonely and Me (DJ Koze Remix) (It Sounds)

The infallible and truly creative DJ Koze gives his own deep and heady treatment to the sublime vocals of 2Raumwohnung as she goes back and forth between English and German with her lyrics, for those not into vocals there is a DJ Koze instrumental as well.

3) Suuns – UN-NO (Marvin & Guy ‘Blue Eyes’ Remix) (Secretly Canadian)

Latest remixes from the talented duo Marvin & Guy who follow up from their epic remix of Brian Cid’s – ‘Pluto’ on Microcastle here with 3 remixes of the new single ’Uh-No’ from Montreal band Suun on Secretly Canadian. This is a vinyl double pack release at the moment, no information yet on digital release at this time.

4) Abstraxion & Kasper Bjorke – Matin (Biologic Records)

‘Matin’ is one of the 3 tracks on Abstaxion & Kasper Bjørke latest collaboration EP released on Biologic Records. Being a big fan of Kasper Bjorke’s sequencing and analogue bass-lines combined with the atmospheric techno impressions of Abstraxion I was very eager to hear this EP and was not disappointed. The other two tracks ‘Ivre’ & ’Nuit’ shouldn’t be missed as well.

5) Sebastien Leger – La Danse Du Scorpion (Original) (Einmusika Recordings)

French modular genius Sebastien Leger’s latest single on Einmusika Recordings ‘La Danse Du Scorpion’ or in english ’The Scorpions Dance’ is one of my favourite tracks from Sebastien and features a hauntingly ethnic violin with a subtle yet intense arpeggiated bass-line throughout. Great deep techno track for the summer. Check out the hypnotically lush track ‘I Need You More’ with vocals by Laura Barrick featured on this release as well.

6) Anii – Desert God (Kimball Collins & Rudiment Dark Mix) (Making You Dance)

The remixes for Anii’s seminal ‘Desert God’ single on Miami label Making You Dance include two from myself and Rudiment, the Dark mix takes the track into a driving techno direction with a heavy rolling bass-line building up to the breakdown where the original elements of ‘Desert God’ come in to play. The EP also includes a more straight forward deep house mix from myself and Rudiment as well as a stellar remix by Ioanis & Don Son.

7) Anton Dhouran – Osmekha (Original) (Family N.A.M.E)

Young Parsian producer Anton Dhouran’s latest release comes way of the highly respected label Family N.A.M.E featuring the storytelling track ’Osmekha’, the ethnic Oud instrument is the main feature here giving the track an almost soundtrack like direction but still strong enough for most dance-floors. The release also features a remix by Ruede Hagelstein taking it into a more cerebral and subtle variation of the original.

8) Bruscagin & Visnadi – Time Machine (Siamese)

The fourth release on one of the hottest deep & dark techno labels at the moment Siamese, a 3 track EP by Bruscagin & Visnadi. ‘Time Machine’ is just that deep, dark and hypnotic techno at its best. The release includes ‘Agartha Stories’ and ‘Yellow Garden’, one of the strongest deep techno releases of the year so far.

9) T & P – Hail Falls (Dark Sky Remix) (Feel My Bicep)

Tim Sweeney & Lauer operating as T & P with their new release ‘Hail Fails’ on Feel My Bicep, a heavily filtered analog bass-line carries throughout Dark Sky’s remix with just enough melody to maintain a balance of warmth to the remix. The release also includes remix by Hammer along with the original.

10) James Welsh – Standing (Phantasy Sound)

James Welsh better known as Kamera is back with one of my favourite peak-time tunes at the moment on Phantasy Sound, ‘Standing’ is a straight forward yet relentless almost industrial like techno track, this release also includes the much deeper more experimental techno track ’Slip’.

Kimball Collins has new music out now on Making You Dance Records, you can purchase the release: here


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