Ezequiel Arias – Look Inside You (Golden Wings Music)

The 22nd release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Ezequiel Arias to the label for his debut EP.

Ezequiel Arias - Look Inside You

The Argentinean artist began his career just over two years ago with a contribution to BCSA’s NuBlood XVIII compilation. 2015 proved to be a big year for Ezequiel with stand out releases on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music and System Recordings. Now following an early 2016 release on Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings Ezequiel makes his much anticipated debut on Golden Wings Music with ‘Look Inside You’. 

The release begins with the title track and brings a strong dance floor sensibility straight away. It’s driving, chunky groove is full of wonderful momentum and as clustered keys slowly develop a smooth melodic storyboard unfolds. There’s a hint of old school Holden / Chable in that lead which carries the track nicely and shines during the main break with an extra coat of glimmer. It leads to a smooth yet exhilarating conclusion that hits just the right emotional spot. Wonderful melodic work from Ezequiel. 

The companion piece ‘Saturated’ comes in at touch deeper and less melodic, but no less impressive. Anchored by a bubbly groove it’s not long before Ezequiel’s rolling rhythms and buzzy synths grab a hold of you. A delicate key construction during the main break hints at a melancholic emotion, before the kick drops and the dark, raspy undertones begin to tear through the atmosphere. It’s intense but in a deeply emotional way, very subtle and a great complement to the more thematic original. Great EP from Ezequiel and another top notch release from our friends at Golden Wings Music.


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