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Felix Kröcher Discusses Life Outside of Music, Nature and his Love for Airports

The internationally renowned techno kingpin celebrates his 20th anniversary in the music industry this year…

When I return home after a long weekend, I am often pretty exhausted and just want to clear my mind during the week and have a kind of normal daily routine. I love going out, riding my bike to clear my mind and through that I also get new inspirations and think of new plans. It’s always relaxing to walk through the nature to reflect on the past weekend!

Next to that, I love spending time with my young daughter during the week. Picking her up from the kindergarten most of the days during the week is fun and and after that we always tend to cook, which can be pretty exciting with a young kid. She also just learned to ride the bike and it’s fascinating to see how fast that went! So nowadays we are spending a lot of time outside, which is great. This calms my mind all the time and I’m always reloading my batteries during these periods!

Further, as some of you might know I am a radio host on Sunshine Live every week and also partly work there in the music department. It’s just pretty cool, to have a kind of a normal working routine during the week because most of the time I am working on the weekend while touring. I enjoy being there for so many years now, as I started there as an intern at the beginning of my career. So I have a really special relationship with that radio station and the whole team in general!
Once it is Friday again, I am most of the times leaving off to Frankfurt airport to hit the road again for the weekend. Most of the time I even arrive some hours earlier at the airport. I love watching airplanes and I just enjoy seeing different people from different countries & cultures. It’s always inspiring. I even think I could go blind through the airport, as I have been there thousands of times haha!
Felix Kröcher’s next single ‘Faceless Fears’ feat Haptic will be release on February 7 via his very own self-titled imprint ‘Felix Kröcher’.


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