Fernando Olaya – Andromeda (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds Fernando Olaya returning for his debut EP.

Fernando Olaya - Andromeda (Balkan Connection)

The Colombian artist made his first appearance on the Serbian imprint in November with a remix of Sebastian Busto’s ‘Anesthesia’. Now returning to the label for his second appearance Fernando presents his debut EP entitled ‘Andromeda’.

Fresh off a contribution to Replug’s critically acclaimed ‘Replugged, Vol. 2’ collection Fernando keeps the momentum high with three excellent productions here. The first of which is the smooth and effervescent ‘Andromeda’. As the EP’s title and showcase piece it’s luminous charm and melodic sensibility go along way. From its warm, rolling groove to hazy atmospheric layers there is a lot to like and it does sound tailor made for summer. If you can’t see this bringing great vibes to a boat cruise or beachside event I don’t know what can. Gorgeous music from Fernando.

The remaining two selections ‘Calling To Venecia’ and ‘Luna Park’ showcase Fernando’s versatility nicely. The former comes in with a driving yet funky flair and strong melancholic sensibilities. The wobbly groove and chord changes are quite playful while a lack of any major break keeps that smooth flow consistent. A definite gem for mid set action.

The release concludes with the hypnotic and equally engaging ‘Luna Park’ which brings some of the mysticism we’ve heard from Fernando in the past. There’s a much more subversive emotion in this one and definitely the headiest track on the EP. Haunting refrains and well timed transitions make for several magic moments while a poignant break foreshadows a suitably astral finale. Definitely my favourite on the EP which caps off another great signing for Balkan Connection in style. Don’t miss it.


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