Fernando’s Oyala – Andromeda Remixes (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection returns this week showcasing new interpretations of Fernando’s Oyala’s ‘Andromeda’ EP.

Originally released in December of last year the three track offering showcased the Colombian artist’s his unique take on melodic techno and nu-progressive. Now Balkan Connection calls upon Nicholas Van Orton, Paul Hamilton and Ewan Rill to remake the tracks for 2017.

First up Nicholas Van Orton returns to the label for his 71st appearance and brings his groovy style to the title track ‘Andromeda’. The BCSA label boss crafts a deeper take, focusing on tribal infused drums and twilight atmospheres. Shifty sonics and gaseous textures swirl around the framework as the chunky foundation carries the near eight minute journey. It’s one that can certainly crossover into house territory and yet another brilliant remix from the Argentinean artist.

Next up Paul Hamilton returns to the label for his sixth appearance following a remix of ‘Ulinpit Disconnection’ by Julian Rodriguez in February of this year. The Dubai based artist once again shows his keen sense of dance floor dynamics with a swing heavy interpretation of ‘Andromeda’. Incredibly groovy from the outset, thick slabs of bass roll forward with a bevy of wicked hooks. Delicate hypnotics and intermittent vocal pads bring an elegant air, while a radiant break seals its overall beauty. Lovely remix from Paul who is having one hell of a year.

The release concludes with Balkan Connection label artist Ewan Rill showing once again why he’s one of the most creative remixers in the underground. He tackles ‘Calling To Venecia’ in splendid fashion with a deep, warm and irresistibly groovy take on the track. The low end immediately grabs your attention, so well shaped and full of great character, while a strong rhythmic core only adds to its brilliance. The main break brings a melancholic mood, albeit in a very subtle way with smooth chord changes and playful synths. Always one for concise craftsmanship, Ewan keeps the mix under seven minutes and its impact on the dance floor will be all the higher as a result. Brilliant remix and another great package from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.


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