Filter Bear – La Rinconada EP (Replug Records)

The latest release on Cid Inc’s Replug Records welcomes Filter Bear to the label for his first EP.

Filter Bear - La Rinconada EP (Replug Records)

Hailing from Sydney, Australia Michael Lokchin aka Filter Bear made his production debut in December of 2013. His unique combination of melody, soul and dance floor ready grooves made him an instant favourite amongst melodic techno DJs. Storied German imprint Traum took notice and signed Filter Bear’s ‘Mosaic’ & ‘Eternity’ to their famed ‘Tour De Traum’ series. The tracks proved to be some of the Aussie artist’s most poignant creations to date and the underground has been hungry for new material ever since. Now presenting just his second release of 2016 Filter Bear makes his much anticipated Replug debut with an exquisite two track EP entitled ‘La Rinconada’.

The title piece ‘La Rinconada’ leads the EP off and once again shows why the underground has become so enamoured with Filter Bear’s musical creations. Clattering drums, bent tones and radiant textures converge for a gorgeous intro, before smooth chord changes and delicate harmonies lift the mood higher. It’s elegance immediately draws you in before a piano led break pulls the heartstrings all the more. A touch cinematic, Filter Bear’s widescreen vision leads to a third act of heart-melting melodies, exotic percussion and enlightening atmospheres. A gorgeous beginning to the EP.

The companion piece ‘Chemist Friend’ finds Filter Bear collaborating with vocalist KayLove for a wonderful complementary track to close the EP. Geared for late night play, the piece is highlighted by dubby rhythms, creamy mallets and nostalgic wails. As it’s slow burning intensity grows the musical themes become increasingly poignant and all the more alluring. Following a sentimental break it’s dusty percussion and low end rumblings bring further character, before the elusive motifs rise again for an elegant finale. Every now and then a piece of music comes along which touches people on a more subversive, spiritual level; Filter Bear has certainly achieved that here. A stunning conclusion to a great Replug debut for the Aussie artist. Don’t miss it.


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