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Framewerk – Flotation (One Of A Kind)

The latest release on One Of A Kind welcomes Framewerk to the label for a brand new EP.

Framewerk - Flotation (One Of A Kind)

Hailing from the UK, Darren James & Alec Milliner make up the Framewerk production duo. Long time progressive house fans may remember Darren and Alec as Manhattan who released more than a few gems from 1999-2003, primarily through their Capital Heaven imprint. More recently under their Framewerk alias they’ve appeared on the cutting edge imprints Chapter 24 Records, Bimini Records and Selador. Now making their much anticipated One of A Kind debut the duo present their new 2 track EP entitled ‘Flotation’.

The release begins with its title and showcase piece ‘Flotation’ which finds the UK duo crafting one of the most emotive productions of their career. There’s a timeless vibe about this one straight away as it’s delicate motifs and warm beats command your full attention. The design is an absolute delight as well, there’s a lot of character here from billowing tones to frayed rides which bring the track to its main break with ease. Here the blissful qualities take over with wispy atmospherics and vocally pads hitting just the right emotional chord. It’s also the perfect prelude to a slightly larger third act where the epic meter goes up a notch or two without losing the tracks timeless, emotive appeal. Well done.

The companion piece ‘Iridescent’ comes with a similar analog design and thus some lovely character as well. Broken beats anchor the piece before some mild acidic hooks wrap around the groove. Sparkling percussion and phasing vocals come in waves as the piece strips down for a second act before tribalistic drums and tonal themes cut through the atmosphere with laser like focus. It’s always a joy to hear great music not affected by current trends which will stand the test of time. This EP will certainly do that. Great stuff from Framewerk and One of A Kind. Don’t miss it. 


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