Gettoblaster’s New Single, “Get Dat,” on DIRTYBIRD Stays True to Original House Music Production

The artist duo Gettoblaster has been on a mission to produce music that preserves the roots of house and techno since stepping on the scene in 2014. Hailing from Chicago and Detroit, Gettoblaster’s newest single out on DIRTYBIRD Records is an accomplishment of that mission and a fun jam that will pack the dance floor.

The track, made in conjunction with ghetto-house pioneer DJ Funk and titled “Get Dat,” stays true to the distinct Gettoblaster sound, and features crisp percussions and a robust bass-line. All around, the song goes hard and is not for the faint of heart. In true Gettoblaster fashion, the lyrics are relentlessly unapologetic and pay homage to the sexual nature of original house music. The repetitive lyrics might raise an eyebrow, but the artists always have a knack for the provocative.

As if we expected anything different, the new DIRTYBIRD release is a banger and will have the dance floors riddled with booty shaking. Without further adieu, crank dat “Get Dat.”


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