Javier Portilla & Sotela – Don’t Get Lost (Moonchild Records)

The 33rd release on Moonchild Records finds Javier Portilla & Sotela returning to the label for a brand new single.

Sotela, Javier Portilla

The Costa Rican duo and Moonchild bosses delivered one of last year’s most loved underground records in ‘Your Eyes’. Featuring vocals from Emalaine and a large remix from King Unique the track went on to achieve legend status as the 2015 wore on. It’s now been almost a year to the day that it was released and with that we see an impressive follow up from the duo entitled ‘Don’t Get Lost’ alongside remixes from Cid Inc and Tofts. 

You gotta love Javier and Sotela, although inactive by today’s volume based standard’s, each production the duo puts their stamp on always comes with memorable elements and a musical approach. They never release forgettable material and ‘Don’t Get Lost’ is no different. There’s a real sense of song writing here yet it’s still perfectly dialled in for the dance floor. A bubbly groove is accompanied by a variety of vocal elements, from ethereal to stabby, they add a lot to the flow of the production and make for some pretty dynamic transitions along the way. There’s always an emotional element to Javier and Sotela’s work, and this one, for all its electric club energy gets there as well, methodically building to an acid like frenzy before a warm rush of textural bliss takes you home, into pad heaven. Wonderful work from Javier and Sotela again and one of this year’s stand out productions thus far. 

The first interpretation of ‘Don’t Get Lost’ is provided by Cid Inc. who is making his first appearance on Moonchild Records. 2015 was a momentous year for the Swedish born producer. Beginning with ‘Guardian’ on Lost & Found Records and moving through a variety of top releases from a Sudbeat EP to a remix of Simos Tagias & Jorgio Kioris ‘Exist’ on his own Replug imprint. It was not only a landmark year in the studio but on the road as well, with an increasingly busy gig schedule capped off by an end of year tour in India / Indonesia. Cid Inc’s ‘Don’t Get Lost’ interpretation is already making waves in the underground and it’s electric, acid fuelled groove is a good reason why. This is one production that literally jumps out of the system at you. It’s energy and cadence are undeniable, but as with most Cid Inc remix projects, it’s how he injects his own unique twists into the production that really seal their brilliance. From a mystical sequence of bass tones (marvellously reprocessed from the original) to the more ethereal top line hooks it’s another one destined for chart and dance floor success. Monster remix from Cid Inc and one I think you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming months. 

The final interpretations are provided by Tofts who are making their first appearance on Moonchild Records. Well known Argentinean producers Martin Etchegaray & Pablo Acenso make up the Tofts production duo and their appearance here marks their debut release together. It’s always exciting when to creative minds come together and the results here are quite exceptional. The main mix definitely carries a more techno inspired sensibility with its starker framework and punchy drive. The spacious environment allows the vocal elements and design subtleties to really shine, and at times pierce the air with a vibrant feel. A slow methodical progression makes for a smooth melodic storyboard, and the accompanying effects are pretty stellar I have to say. Void of any real break it chugs along nicely and should keep your dance floor’s undivided attention. The demand on this one has been quite high since an airing by Hernan Cattaneo on his Resident podcast last year and now it’s finally available. Closing release out is a Club Mix by Tofts which goes even techier and dirtier. If you like granular sounding design you’ll love this as the groove is covered sonic dirt. It avoids the melodic traits of the main mix and focuses more on rhythmic themes to get you where you need to go. Two very different and equally excellent versions from Tofts and an all round killer release for Moonchild Records to start 2016 off right. Highly Recommended.


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