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What’s In Your Box: Just Her

With Just Her’s new remix of Stas Drive ‘Intergalactic Summer’ out this week on Movement Recordings, we take a look at her favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Just Her

1. Stefan Z – Let It Go (Original Mix) [Rhombus]

 “This has been in pretty much every set I’ve played for the last few months. It’s just got a killer bass line and groove that works at any time on any dance floor”

2. Stas Drive – Intergalactic Summer (Just Her Remix) [Movement Recordings]

 “As soon as I heard the original track from Stas Drive I knew this would be a great release to be involved with. There were so many quality sounds in the track that I was able to strip it back and focus a little more on the groove. This has been working so well in my sets”

3. Nandu – Deux (Original Mix) [Kindisch]

 “I first discovered Nandu thanks to this EP on Kindisch and he has since become one of my favourite artists. His music is completely unique and I’m happy to say that his full length album will be coming out on my label Constant Circles later this year”

4. Melokolektiv – Djanka (Original Mix) [Tenampa Recordings]

 “Melokolektiv have a great sound that always works the dance floor for me. This track came out on Tenampa last year but it has been featuring in my sets ever since and it still does the damage“

5. Whitesquare – Heartbeat (Original Mix) [Lyase Recordings]

 “Whitesquare has been one of my favourite producers since his Peaks EP on 20/20 vision last year. His sound is so authentic and deep. He has now started his own imprint Lyase Recordings, and the quality is incredible. This is my pick from the label so far – this track is pure emotion”

6. Moosefly – White Lies (Original Mix) [SOSO]

 “Oliver Schories’ label SOSO is the perfect home for Moosefly with this EP, as their sound suits the emotive vibes of the label perfectly. A stunningly beautiful track”

7. Allies For Everyone – When You’re Gone (Just Her Remix) [Blindfold Recordings]

 “Probably the most successful remix I’ve done so far as it held the Number One spot on Trackitdown for over a week. Allies for Everyone is a super talented musician so the vocals and melodies in this track were a dream to work with and it came out on Pete Oak’s label Blindfold Recordings, so it was just a winning combination all round. I’ve since been working on a collab EP with Allies for Everyone which is coming out soon on Einmusika Recordings, so that’s one to look out for!”

8. Kris Davis & Yost – Relentless (Martin Roth Remix) [Constant Circles]

 “This was the second release on my label Constant Circles towards the end of last year. The original track was massive anyway, but then Martin Roth delivered this remix and made it even bigger“

9. Cristoph – Diggin In (Dave Seaman Remix) [Selador]

 “Selador is a label that has been doing the business for me for a while now and with this rework of a Cristoph track, Dave Seaman has absolutely nailed those driving dance floor vibes. Killer hook and groove”

10. Adam Beyer – What You Need (Original Mix) [Drumcode]

 “This is my ultimate dance floor destroying track, when all else fails. So simple but so effective!”

Just Her’s remix of Stas Drive ‘Intergalactic Summer’ is out now on Movement Recordings, you can purchase the release: here


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