Lian July & Chris Odium – Illumina (Suffused Music)

The 155th release on Suffused Music welcomes Lian July and Chris Odium to the label for their debut EP.

Lian July & Chris Odium - Illumina (Suffused Music)

Hailing from Israel and the USA respectively Lian and Chris have both had notable success in their solo careers, having collectively appeared on Iboga Records, Silk Music and The Purr. Now making their much anticipated Suffused Music debut Lian and Chris present their 3 track EP entitled ‘Illumina’.

The release begins with the deep and delicate ‘Better Than Ever’. A tough framework sets it’s dance floor sensibility straight away but a complement of trippy vocals and hypnotic motifs add a wonderful contrast. Dubbed out tones and timely stabs add mightily to its smooth cadence before a one minute interlude shifts the narrative closer to the heavens. Filled with meandering motifs, muted bass tones and hazy vocals it proves to be the ultimate centerpiece and foreshadows a smooth yet exhilarating conclusion perfectly.

The EP’s second selection ‘Eronia’ comes in a touch funkier but with a similarly smooth design profile. Undulating bass stabs make for a rousing groove as wispy vocals and incandescent tones tantalize the senses. Undeniably geared for late night play, it’s short but timely break adds an atmospheric calm, ultimately setting up a powerful drop that’s sure to light up any back room in the process.

The release concludes with its title and showcase piece ‘Illumina’ which carries the same deep and hypnotic allure of the previous two cuts and more. A perfectly contoured foundation in conjunction with smooth rhythmic tones and mesmerizing percussion makes for an undeniable groove. Light and effortless until the second act a spoken word vocal sample breaks the flow while an underbelly of broken beats adds a touch of funk. A remarkably mature piece and with support already in from Nick Warren you know it’s one not to be missed. A superb debut from Lian and Chris on Suffused Music.


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