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Sonabit – You Have To Understand (Slideways Music)

The latest release on Tim Penner’s Slideways Music welcomes Sonabit to the label for his debut single.

Sonabit - You Have To Understand (Slideways Music)

The Argentinean artist (now based in Denmark) has been relatively quiet this year with just a single and a remix which followed a release on Baroque Records to close out 2015. Now stepping up for the biggest and most anticipated release of his career Sonabit presents his debut single for Slideways ‘You Have To Understand’ alongside remixes from Solid Stone and Alejandro Manso.

The original mix leads the release off with a dark and electric vibe, with some stellar design qualities immediately grabbing your attention. Processed vocals and waves of synths bring a granular haze atop the tough beats and waves of rolling bass. I have to say that after hearing it for just for 1-2 minutes that it sounds like it belongs on Slideways. The twisted design and robotic vibe fits the label’s sound quite nicely and it’s capped off by a brain melting break led by a vortex of sonics, which ultimately takes you home. A monstrous track and surely the best of Sonabit’s young career. It’s found a good home on Slideways that’s for sure.

Tim and Slideways have put together a stellar set of remixes of as well with Solid Stone and Alejandro Manso both delivering exceptional renditions. At this point Solid Stone would have to be considered one of the label’s go to remixers as he makes his fourth appearance here. The Canadian artist has an uncanny knack for melding genres into epic dance floor moments and he’s done so again here. The fuzzy sci-fi haze translates well and the beats cut through it with remarkable ferocity. It’s techno sensibility carries into the break which is brief but the stripped transition into the third act is where the magic happens, as reprocessed vocals and a rush of white noise deliver what should be a great moment on the dance floor.

Making his Slideways debut Alejandrio Manso continues a strong 2016 highlighted by releases on Movement Recordings. Much like Solid Stone Alejandro is quite diverse in his output with productions ranging from techno to progressive with a few stops in between. Here he takes ‘You Have to Understand’ into deeper territory with great results. The techno sensibility stays but there’s a brooding quality to this which sets it apart from the previous two mixes and thus makes it a great complement. The main break is masterful with an effects storyboard to die for, eventually backed by a muted kick before the primary one drops for some major impact. Definitely a stand out in Alejandro’s discography and the perfect way to cap off another stellar release on Tim Penner’s Slideways Music. Highly Recommended.


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