Maae – Finger Crossed EP (Unrilis)

“Unrilis” continue to impress us with another quality affair with “Maae” at the driving seat.

Maae – Finger Crossed

This is a release from a label that just doesn’t let up in its persistence of purity and affection for some of the best techno on the planet. With recent outputs that have included artists “Kaiser Disco”, “Enrico Sangiuliano”, “Mark Reeve”, “Mars Bill” & “Cari Lekebusch” the question you ask yourself is “how can it continue at this level” and the answer is it just does and with complete conviction.

“Maae” is the focal point on the platter this time with three tracks delivered that certainly keep this super oiled techno machine active and quality levels up.

“Maae” originates from “Barcelona” and considered quite an uprising on the surface of our scene, however please dig a little bit deeper and you will find an array of quality “Maae” music that’s been released over the past few years including great remixes from “Skober”, “Spektre” and prolife demanding labels.

We start with the track “Fingers Crossed” which is a deep and dark affair. It’s quite a heavy sound with a distorted kick drum and defining techno hats that move the track along nicely. There’s a relentless hit sound that builds throughout changing in velocity and movement delays to great affect. Vocal snippets are introduced and a hypnotic middle break which will sound awesome on a huge system.

Flip to the next track we have the title “ Always Could be bad” but in contrary to the title it’s far from it. This is more anthemic in a way as it features an infectious building synth array that is really emotive. It crosses the borders well with almost house type rhythms, vocal hits are introduced and for a Techno track its quite lush in many ways – a really big floor mover for many DJs boxes.

The third out put on this EP is “ Push The Mode”, here we have something a bit more experimental with different sounding vocal scat that filters in / out of the mix. Its more drum orientated that the other tracks in a way until you get the very dark break which is almost more rave esque but done in a cool way. Again its one of those tracks that will have a big impact on a large system and then you will really feel it depth.

Overall “Maae” is certainly a quality outfit and releasing this EP on a powerhouse label.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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