Kydus – Deliver Me (Terminal M)

Monika Kruse “Terminal M” label delivers an outstanding release’s by Liverpool’s “Kydus”.

Kydus - Deliver Me

The “Terminal M” imprint is a relentless hub of activity with fantastically driven quality exhibits on each release. The label has always had a strong hold on the Techno scene and recently with acts such as “Noir” and now “Kydus” the label its breaking new boundaries and doing it very well.

“Kydus” many will be familiar with from his releases on “Youssef” “Circus Recordings” which have touched into both the areas of classic house influences as well as acidic and techno. His tracks are always delivered at peak standard no matter what the style and this title is no different.

The full EP is packed with a special array of mixes that will entice the ears of many and cross the boarders.

We start with the original mix, which kicks off proceedings in filtered funk fashion. It’s a really defined house vibe from the off and builds like a disco track with dynamics. The drums then make an impact as also does an infectious undertone and nice arpeggiated sound that carries the track the break. If you thought at this point you had heard all the elements, well there’s more as it introduces an 80’s style chord structure before pounding back in. This is a sunset set track or peak club mover, which either you prefer but it’s big.

First of the remixes is from “Northern Ireland” based “loco & Jam” who need very little introduction to the techno world, there one of the most consistent outputs out there. As expected we instantly start at full tilt with an airy dark tinge as techno percussion builds. This mix is a little bit more on the melodic side than I would usually expect from “Loco & Jam” but it works really well as it teases elements in from the original before switching to a deeper moody compounded techno feel. It’s really well done and should receive applause.

Next we switch into funky tech house territory with the “Mat.Joe” remix. This features filtered dirty breaks loops and rising synth pads that give it more atmosphere before moving to a ld school style baseline. There’s a very sample loop type feel to this mix like “Norman Cook” meets house grooves with an uplifting outset. The bassline it’s the main theme and carries throughout whilst introducing more filtered elements.

The last on the ep is another “Kydus” original title “Mystery” feat “Gatz”. This is quite a deeper rounded exhibition that gently builds in a lighter melodic techno sequence with film like strings and touches of ethereal vocal. It switches up the style in places from more percussive based groves before returning to its original theme.

Overall this is a big release from “Monika Kruse” imprint and one, which is already turning heads in the right places.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 10/10


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