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Hybrasil Presents a New EP Titled ‘Luchtaine’

Hybrasil presents his latest Techno EP ‘Luchtaine’ via We Are The Brave. The Irish Producer is ready to introduce his latest production, a 4-track EP showcasing his hard-hitting style and sound that’s poised to reach new milestones for this talented Producer. With releases that have already received radio support from the likes of Carl Cox and Defected Records, and have reached charts across major streaming platforms like the Beatport Top 100 for Techno, Hybrasil shares this new EP with the world. 

The title track, Luchtaine, features pounding industrial beat that starts off the track, alongside a high-intensity and a powerful low-end. Driving synth chords join the mix to keep the energy levels up until the beat releases again with full power. A haunting yet energizing vibe surrounds the opening track of this EP. 

Next off, is ‘Bodb Berg’, were a driving beat kickstarts the track, the intensity builds up as the high-hats appear pushing the track to a next level. Lush pads sustain the musical journey, as the industrial and dynamic beat keeps the track’s intense nature.  

The third track ‘Celestial Sphere’ also features a powerful beat that joins a mysterious jagged synth line that guides the track’s listening experience. With a refreshing and stimulating vibe, this track serves as a perfect mid-track for Hybrasil’s opus. 

As the EP’s closure, ‘Cliodhna’ breaks in with a gritty industrial beat, thumping its way as the rest of the percussive elements join the mix. As some moments serve as an uplifting break from the intensity, the beat goes at it again with an electrifying force. With a fierce and rumbling sound, this last track closes Hybrasil’s EP giving it the feel of a whole journey when its finished, and at the end it is, Hybrasil provides its listeners a whole listening journey of its own, showcasing his sound and style throughout this production. 

With this new EP, Hybrasil certainly sets a statement that displays his skills and distinctive sound that grows his reputation as a Producer and artist to follow. Make sure to follow him across social media to learn more about his latest releases and projects.  

‘Luchtaine EP’ is out now via We Are The Brave and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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