Hollen – Terminal EP (Bitten)

The Italian techno supremacy continues with a new EP from “Hollen”

Hollen - Terminal E.P.

I’ve previously reviewed tracks from “Hollen” before and certainly played a lot of them as a DJ.
I can tell you there’s always a consistent quality from this artist and consistency in the floor driven energy produced in his tracks.

He’s also a hot remixer with remixes currently out there of “The Yellowheads”, “Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy”, “Felix Krocher” and many originals on an array of impressive key labels.

This release is a 3 track ep which sits very well on “Amsterdam’s finest “Bitten Records”. Like “Hollen”, “Bitten” are a real powerhouse of activity with a mouth savoring flow of releases that are relentless in potency and pizazz, which makes it very fitting for a “Hollen Release”.

First on up is the EP is the title track “Terminal”, Here we get started straight in the punch with a nice rounded kick with a wavy synth embedded to it. Although quite drum orientated from the start it has creeping atmosphere to it that makes it hypnotic. It builds seamlessly from one section to another with great funky filter rhythms and compounded with sonic’s that don’t fatigue your ears when loud.

Next is “Station Wagon”, This is more percussive from the start with tribal drum rhythms and has that kind of deep groove reminiscent of “Peace Division” remix of “Trancesetters – “Roaches”. It builds subtlety with more deep rounded house type filter chords and throws in a few vocal snippets for good measure.

The final track on the ep is “Insurgent” which like the title track of the EP is a lot more driven with more intensity. It’s got a darker feel overall, subtle transient riffs which although are not in your face really carry the atmosphere and deeper intensity. It’s nicely arranged and flows seamlessly without you know where you started to where you finish.

Yet again “Hollen” delivers another floor take over EP on one of the best labels out there right now.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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