MiraculuM – Kharon (Clinique Recordings)

Clinique Recordings caps off an incredible 2016 with a brand new single from MiraculuM.

MiraculuM - Kharon (Clinique Recordings)

The Hungarian artist is no stranger to the Russian imprint but outside of compilation appearances you have to go back to September of 2015 for his last single, ‘Conflux’. It’s been a great year for MiraculuM who just released one of his most memorable creations, ‘The Little Girl Who Shines Through’ courtesy of his own Stellar Fountain imprint. Now ending the year on a great note MiraculuM presents his latest studio creation ‘Kharon’ alongside remixes from Dofamine and Futur-E. 

The aforementioned ‘The Little Girl Who Shines Through’ was incredibly thematic. It’s timeless qualities and overall uniqueness stood out as one of Stellar Fountain’s best releases this year. On ‘Kharon’ we see the Hungarian artist with a deep and dreamy creation that comes with a great dance floor sensibility. Backed by an incredibly groovy foundation MIraculuM unleashes a wealth of spacey electronics and ethereal motifs, all leading to a delicate centrepiece. This is where you really get a sense of how gorgeous the elements are, from gentle phrases to delicate cascades and luminous atmospheres. If you love your electronic music otherworldly and yet still imminently danceable then this definitely belongs in your collection.

Nick (zweitausendeins Traum) from Clinique has gone out and gotten two of the best up and coming names for the remixers here. Both Dofamine and Futur-E have been earning praise throughout the progressive house underground this past year and 2017 looks bright for both. First up Dofamine (formerly known as Reflection Soul) puts a deeper spin on the track with a dubby, yet highly emotive take. The textural work and hazy melodies are dead gorgeous while the organic percussion brings a little extra sparkle to the proceedings. Definitely the most poignant creation of Dofamine’s career and a great one to cap off his year.

The release concludes with Futur-E taking ‘Kharon’ into techno inspired territory with great results. A tougher framework mixed with boundless energy has this one perfectly geared for peak time play, but what’s most catchy about it are the elephant-like tones. Not done in an ultra wonky way but rather three simple offset hits which slowly burrow into your subconscious as waves of percussion drive the piece forward. Trails of decay and piercing sonics make for an intense break which ultimately sets up a huge driving finish. Definitely one for the big sets and a unique sounding production to boot. Great remix from Futur-E and a really well rounded release from Clinique Recordings to close out 2016. Highly Recommended. 


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